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So today I bought some Plague Marines to break the monotony of painting my Space Wolves…. I painted this bad boy up in no time at all…. great fun thing to paint, make them look disgusting was what I was told…. I think I achieved that. 

My Rune Priest in Terminator Armour

Should of really gotten rid of all the finecast flash, but other than that pretty happy with this one!

Another finished Blood Claw. It’s super fun to be painting again and I will hopefully have all this army up to tabletop standard by the time I game again…. and hopefully with the backing of the Sons Of Russ I will finally win some games ahahha.

And it may look a bit rushed! But there’s a reason, I decided this month I’m going to get the rest of the models I have painted up (totally not so I can buy more… and MORE!!!!)

It was super nice to sit down and paint again after a bit of a break, setting myself a semi-restricted time-limit on each model, touch ups can be done after the main bulk are up to tabletop standard.

Phew, Finally finished this bad boy…. basically life got in the way for a while there!

Finished Grey Hunter squad. 

Todays battle! 750pt battle between Blood Ravens and my Orks. As you can see I didn’t fare very well and the lesson learnt again was MORE POWERKLAWS! But they held their own and I only admitted defeat once my Warboss was killed (the only thing left on the board that could destroy the two Dreads left. On the plus side one was throughly disabled weapon wise). Another loss to rack up in my long list of losses ahahaha. 

On a side note didn’t get great pictures of my friends current Blood Ravens WiP but they look simply fantastic, especially the Assault Squad which are posed in a truly dynamic way. Also caught a sneak peak of a model he may be giving me which was TRUELY epic and was a Space Wolves Lone Wolf… and I don’t know how to describe it other than it looks incredible! I’m in awe of his work.

Another fun hobby day, and then a pleasant evening with my friends! This is why I’m glad I got back into the hobby, although I lost I had an amazingly fun time!

My Ragnar Blackmane HQ- Finecast hmmm

My finecast model, should I return it/swap it? If you look at the backpack there’s bits missing from the vents… and it’s not the greatest cast of the backpack. Just it bothers me a tiny bit that it’s not perfect ahhaha.

Other than that the model is pretty damn lovely the cast of the main body is spot on, no miscasting or mishapen parts, didn’t realise it was originally designed in 1992… it just makes me love it more.  What should I do internet?

a Noob helping noobs: PART 2

RIGHT, sorry for the delay goddamn REAL LIFE got in the way!

So now I’ll focus on the hair (which went HEAVILY wrong so this isn’t technically the right way to do it but I got an effect I kind of liked)

First I coated the hair in Snakebite Leather (NOW Balor Brown) and then gave it a Devlan Mud wash, I then drybrushed Bleached Bone (Ushabti Bone) onto the model and added another DM wash (as a sidenote I was going to use a ‘eavy metal technique to create blonde hair, I won’t go into details but it went horribly wrong because I’m crap ahaha)

The fur was basecoated Calthan Brown (Mournfang Brown), Drybrushed Bleached Bone and given a Devlan Mud wash, this was done much heavier at the top to create a darker to light effect. The gun was painted in Boltgun Metal (Leadbelcher) and the yellow wolf head in Yellow (until I improve on my technique for painting Yellows I won’t update that here just yet because I need to try a few different ways, my paint to water mix just isn’t cutting it at the moment). The shoulder pads were coated in Chaos Black and then I draw in Red Gore the Grey Wolf livery. The shoulder pad was basecoated in a Yellow base, washed with Devlan Mud and then covered in built up layers of Golden Yellow, this is done to TRY and prevent it looking like there’s brush strokes/ a smoother look…. I kind of failed but I’m getting there. 

The back skull, which you can see on the right was basecoated in chaos black, then kommando khaki and then highlighted with Bleached Bone, covered in a Devlan Mud wash. 

The model is nearly done I’m still tidying up alot of it and hopefully should have it based and finished tomorrow… so yay for another update? On an interesting note I seem to be going for much more bold colours than I thought I would, especially after my gritty and nasty Orks. Also I’m going to re-do the writing on the chest later because I have NO idea why my hand got that shakey when doing it ahhah.

Oh here’s a handy Citadel Paint Conversion chart for people, I’m excited to try the new paints. I wish they hadn’t changed the names but the products do look fantastic. 

A noob helping noobs: PART 1

So here is PART 1 of my guide, it is full of errors and no where NEAR the same standard as some of the amazing painters here, but I found fellow noobs guides and tips as handy as some of the pros so here goes:

PAINTS USED (so far):

Shadow Grey, Fortress Grey, Chaos Black, Badab Black Wash, Chainmail, Boltgun Metal, Shining Gold, Burnished Gold, Bleached Bone, Kommando Khaki, Elf Flesh, Calthan Brown, Ogryn Wash, Devlan Mud, Skull White

I began by spraying the model with Chaos Black, I then mixed Shadow Grey and Fortress Grey in about a 50:50 mix, added water and proceeded to paint the armour with that mix. When dry I then did a wash of Badab Black.

I then re-painted the armour with pure Shadow Grey leaving the shading that the Badab Black had done. I then did the lazy mans highlight on the back pack by really lightly drybrushing it, I did a similar thing on the armour but then brought out some highlights by hand. I also began to paint the seal on his chest, which I could of done in gold BUT I decided to paint it like a paper seal. I used Kommando Khaki as the undercoat and then a Devlan Mud wash, this was then highlight and top coated with Bleached Bone. The various exposed bolts etc were painted gold.

Then I began the face, undercoating the skin with Calthan Brown and then covering in Elf Flesh (you should really use tallarn flesh but I haven’t had a chance to get some yet), then an Ogryn Wash to blend it and finally highlight with Elf Flesh, the eyes and teeth were painted Skull White. 

At this stage I started to clean up the paint job, and that’s what I’m still currently doing. So more will be updated tomorrow…. or soon.

Also the model had a tiny bit of converting using the gun hand I just stuck one of the many Ork blades I had spare…. I’m sure he killed one to get it. 

2 down…. 23 to go…

This is one of the WIP Sister Of Battle that I’m painting for my dad. He bought them years ago (judging from the box 1997). They are all kind of undercoated but I had to re-undercoat them and then try and paint my first non-ork 40k model since…. well I guess 1997 or 1998. As I first try I feel NOT BAD. Lots of things to finish and improve but the basics are all there. 

I plan on giving them back to him (fully painted and based and maybe a little bit converted) for his birthday. Think a unit of these will make the ol’ man happy?

This is my Soviet Ork Warboss base that I have been working on, as you can see still ALOT to do but I am slowly working through it, not the best paint on the Space Marine but he will be covered in gore and snow by the time I’m done. 

This base is from Scibor Miniatures. Really great quality resin bases!

Productive Night

WELL! I have several miniatures on my desk tonight! One has been sat there a while (a poor lonely Soviet Ork) and a few that have been prepped tonight (White Primer, Devlan Mud… I’m LOVING this way of prepping at the moment it hasn’t failed me yet).

You can see here that I have 2 Prussian ships that are drying, the Soviet Ork and the Scibor base for the Soviet Ork Warboss which is starting to be built…

As you can see I’ve used Micro Art Studio heads, a Captains body and Kromlech mechanical legs. Combine that with Ghazghull Thrakas arms and you are looking at an epic Warboss. He isn’t quite as big as I’d like but I’d love to hear thoughts before I go into attaching powerpacks etc onto him?

ps. I haven’t started cleaning or cutting the model as on Saturday I stabbed my finger quite badly with the modeling knife. It’s healed but put me off touching it for a day or two as I think it has it into me!